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12304 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 307
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Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern (IMF80541). Employed and Supervised by Jon B. Pease, MA, LMFT48823

I received my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles. I have over five years of clinical experience working with children and adults. I have worked in a variety of settings and have the unique ability to connect to a wide array of people with diverse backgrounds and range of experiences. I tend to work systemically, which means most importantly, you are not the problem. We all grew up around others and this shaped who we are and how we respond today. 



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You came to this world with ideas about your life. You have dreams and goals. But right now you feel lost. Is it really supposed to be this hard? Does everyone feel this way or is it just me? If I take the risk will I lose it all? Some days you can't shut your mind off and on others you can barely get out of bed. You slap a smile on and make it through another day but you can't help wondering if there is a better way. This is what therapy is all about and why I love this work. There's a general idea that therapy is about fixing a problem but I believe it's about increasing self awareness and getting the support you need to keep going and find the next right step for you. 



Facing the challenges in your relationship is hard. You are probably wondering if you will be blamed, shamed and criticized for what is going on in your relationship. That is not what couples therapy is about. Couples therapy is about understanding each partner's unique history and relationship philosophy and finding a way to strengthen the partnership you have already created. It's never too late to explore what is happening in your relationship and how you can grow both individually and as a couple.



Adolescence feels like a mine field. Navigating social relationships, academic pressure, finding your identity and making decisions about your life that feel like your entire future rests on making the right choice. As the parent of an adolescent, it feels like your child is shutting you out just when the risks are becoming greater. I have experience working with adolescents and their parents through academic struggles, substance use, and eating disorders. It isn't easy but it's so rewarding to navigate adolescence as a teen or as a parent without feeling defeated. Having a professional on your side makes a world of difference.